When in doubt, just throw on a black dress and get on with it. 

It helps if the dress is suave, comfortable and effortlessly chic like my Maki – Oh number.

I love it when a dress is playful yet elegant and stylish . This dress made me feel so girly and I just wanted to strut all night long.

I accessorized with gold sandals and I intended to match it with a gold purse.

Eventually I opted for a green purse with gold detail and I definitely preferred this combination. 




This weekend I had a wedding to attend, so i opted for a sleeveless dress with a long slit from the Versace Spring 2017 Runway Collection.

I love how the splash of ‘Red’ on the dress, is in sync with my red lipstick. Let me add, that the hint of red on the soles of my shoes was also a perfect combo.

I had a lot going on with the long slit, colour block and the gold streaks on the dress, so I thought to play it down, with black Christian Louboutin shoes and a matching black Prada purse.

I love this look and I was quite happy with the entire outcome.

Let me know what you think.