Home or away, one of my fun spots, is by the pool side. This is because my idea of great relaxation, always involves a good swim .

Swimming to me, is like a full body massage and very calming.  What’s even more soothing, is that drink by the poolside after long swim.

Some of the benefits of swimming include total body workout, engaging the joints, and toning the muscles. Yet it barely feels like excercise, because it’s on my own terms, at my pace and absolutely enjoyable.

What’s more? All you need is a swim suit, plus you don’t need to be a pro to get the work done. No special techniques, and a few laps gives you great results.

The very best thing about swimming, is that the kids love it too, and there is nothing better than hanging out with my babies in the pool.


If everyday was cheat day, I’d have rice in every single meal. I’m looking forward to the holidays, so I have the perfect excuse to indulge in all my guilty pleasures.

I love the smell of french fries, and I can’t help ordering a double portion every now and then.

Biscuits, pretzles and peanuts are my favourite snacks. Need I say, snack time is fun time?

There is something synonymous about Chicken and the holidays. Come to think of it, a piece of chicken or two never hurt anyone. 

I hope to adopt portion control when possible, but kindly cut me some slack; because everyday isn’t cheat day, except during the holidays. (Wink)

Love Always

Creating a strict diet plan is easy for me but sticking to it, is the real challenge . It doesn’t take too long before I get bored, and all the illicit cravings kick in.

A great trick that works for me, is having a little bit of everything. So rather than having to choose just veggies, proteins or salads, I incorporate a little bit of every thing into my daily menu.


A little portion of all these in my plate, always feels like a huge meal but it’s actually packed with more of the healthy stuff.

Who says I can’t have it all, when variety is the spice of life.

“You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once” Oprah Winfrey