How does anyone look away from these 4 inches of elegance, covered in swarovski crystals? Just when I thought gold was irresistible, I was blown away by the gorgeousness of the same pair of shoes in the most beautiful shade of royal blue.

For a second, i was worried about the grip, but soon as you slip them on, the nappa leather strap does a great job at staying secured. 

It doesn’t stop there. The fact that the laser cutouts flatter your feet, yet ensuring your toes stay cushioned in the suede insole, are one of the many reasons the Tresor Crystal Sandals are a ‘Must Have’.

As always, Sergio Rossi leaves you spoilt for choice, so these babies also come in silver and black. I opted for royal blue and gold, and my clients can’t get enough of them.

You can get these and many more fabulous shoes at Florence H.