Another look I’ve been loving this month is this exquisite piece from French fashion house ‘Rochas’. I love the aesthetic of the brand as it aims to make simple, understated yet elegant clothing. I paired it with a new favourite of mine, the Nile bracelet bag by Chloé. Be sure to leave a comment if you love this look!

Remember, simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.


Everyone has those items in their closet that they’re partial to; a week/ sometimes two cannot go by without the said piece or pieces making an appearance . They are usually stylishly comfortable pieces or pieces that compliment your personal taste, so you can’t help but give them the spotlight over and over again. 

I have a lot of clothes that I love but there are certainly a few pieces that become repetitive. Some of these items include :

– My Birkin . Not only is it a classic, it’s very utilitarian. I can throw everything I need in it. Literally everything!!
– My nude Aquazzura sandals because nude goes with every outfit.
– This black jacket from Jean Paul Gaultier which I loveeeeee!
– My Maison Michel hat because the Lagos sun won’t let me be great.?
– My Wedding Ring … I mean I don’t even take it off ever! 
– These Sunglasses from Dolce and Gabanna are my all time fave.
– Rochas has me hooked on these open toes.
– My love bracelets from Cartier… These don’t come off as well.. ever.

My gold Balmain choker neckpiece is just gorge.  My other all time Fave. (I have a lot of fav’s okay) *flicks weave*

Love, Abi  

DRESS - Ted Baker  SHOES - Rochas

DRESS – Ted Baker  SHOES – Rochas

DRESS - Christian Dior 

DRESS – Christian Dior 

TOP worn as DRESS - Victoria Beckham  SHOES - Kandee

TOP worn as DRESS – Victoria Beckham  SHOES – Kandee

DRESS - Valentino

DRESS – Valentino

I couldn’t imagine my life without fashion so every opportunity I get to express myself with it I take it. I can’t get over this mint off-shoulder number from Ted Baker with metallic sandals from Rochas.  My second look is a pleated dress from Christian Dior , the black Victoria Beckham top worn as a dress with strappy sandals from Kandee. I love this Valentino dress with the cape, the feeling of Regal is an understatement.

Love, Abi.