I can’t wait to get away. Its been a grueling 5 months plus of not having to pack my bags and jet off some where. The countdown to the summer is officially on. Who knows I might not even wait till then. I have been having dreams of Greece.. Mykonos especially. Blue limpid waters, pristine beaches with pure white sand and endless happy hour cocktails. Yes, I have had these dreams, in the day time and at night. LOL

I love to travel. Its good for the soul. They say the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. I think it’s necessary to escape from reality every once in a while. Who doesn’t want to lounge on a hammock and watch the sunset, or visit a museum elsewhere and just experience some sort of culture shock.. or just plain old shopping till you drop?

 Whether its my dads backyard in Ibadan or some Island on the Amalfi coast… I’m always ready for a get away.


Love, Abi.

Images from MykonosBlu resorts.

Images from MykonosBlu resorts.