When gunning for comfort and style, I simply go for a relaxed outfit and switch it up  with accessories. 

Today I opted for this  Peter Pilotto  off-shoulder loose summer dress. It’s pretty comfortable and exudes femininity. Yes, figure hugging dresses can be flattering but what better way to feel young and girly than in a vibrant light weight dress you can relax and twirl in. (Eerm.. or am I the only one who loves a dress I can twirl in ?) 

I switched up today’s look up with these fabulous Marco De Vincenzo shoes and Les Petit Joueurs bag which I absolutely adore.

In the words of Katherine Hepburn, “I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.”

I enjoy taking risks with my personal style but ultimately, I stick with what works best for me.


Love, Abi