When in doubt, just throw on a black dress and get on with it. 

It helps if the dress is suave, comfortable and effortlessly chic like my Maki – Oh number.

I love it when a dress is playful yet elegant and stylish . This dress made me feel so girly and I just wanted to strut all night long.

I accessorized with gold sandals and I intended to match it with a gold purse.

Eventually I opted for a green purse with gold detail and I definitely preferred this combination. 




Thank God it’s Friday!!! Let’s flash back to this year’s Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design weekend which was held from the 26th to  the 29th of October 2016.

This year, the show was extra special for me, as I was one the Ambassadors of the event and I was determined to enjoy every minute of it.

Watch the video below, to catch a glimpse of some of my fun moments, getting ready for the event.

I wore outfits from my favorite Nigerian designers and every moment, from picking my clothes, to getting my hair and makeup done was really exciting.

I loved every moment of this year’s fashion week, not just because of all the glitz and glam surrounding the event, but because it was such a pleasure, observing new season trends, and watching my favorite designers unveil their new collections. 

A major highlight was having one of my lovely subscribers, Joy, come along with me to see the shows. She was an absolute delight.

Did you get a chance to see any of the shows? 

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