When it comes to lipsticks, I usually stick to my nudes and earthy tones; but lately, ‘Lime Crime’ has me loving a variety of shades especially Metallics. 

The Velvetine collection has such an enchanting array of colours, it’s difficult for a girl not to find her favourite. 

The colours are very unique, vibrant and richly pigmented. I especially love the shade ‘Beetle’ because of its brown hue and subtle glow.

‘Lime Crime’ lip-stains dry up completely matte, stay on for hours and they don’t dry out my lips like other lip-stains.

I’m hooked on these lipsticks and what’s really cool, is that ‘Lime Crime’ ships directly to Nigeria so shopping for them, is really easy.

Love Always

One common quality across women from all around the World is that we all have a tendency to carry a handbag.  Whether big, small, designer, off-price, it doesn’t even matter, a lady needs her essentials.  My day to day is often so different, so it’s hard to really say in one setting that the contents within my bag ever really stays the same.  I travel often and attend various business meetings, so I try to make sure I have the most important items with me.  On any random day, the assortment of items in my bag can change significantly.  Here’s an example of a bag I used for a day out running some personal errands. 

First off, I wore a vintage Dolce & Gabbana chocolate brown leather handbag with an embossed detailing.  If you know me, you know that I like the finer things in life, so of course I keep a pair of designer frames to protect me from the Sun.  In this case, it was a multi-colored pair of Prada sunglasses with the perfect tint in the lenses.  To keep my lips moisturized, I’ve recently started using Restoration Skincare‘s great Lip Cream made with all-natural ingredients.  I then pair it with a pop of color from my lipstick provided by Lime Crime, and some light powder foundation from Max Studio for quick touch-ups on the go.  I also love accessories, and sometimes I might want to have options.  I had two bracelets in my bag that I could wear interchangeably with my outfit that day:  one was a beautiful decorative bangle by Hermes and the second was a beaded gemstone bracelet from a wearable wellness brand I discovered while in L.A. called Awaken the Peace.  For peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra Vitamin C in your life, so I keep a pack of Emergen-C handy if necessary.  If I have some time to myself during a stroll, I might want to listen to music, so I go for a pair of limited edition MCM branded Beats by Dre headphones.  Lastly, I make sure to have a good notebook and pen available to write down different thoughts as they come to me.

Like I said, the assortment changes so quickly based on my fast-paced lifestyle, so who knows what might be in my bag next week or even tomorrow.  In any case, I’d love to hear what your daily bag essentials are.  Leave a comment below with some of your favorite items!  Hope to hear from you.

 Love Abi,

There is no shortage of events in Los Angeles regarding lifestyle, beauty, and trends.  It’s particularly exciting for me when I get to attend these types of events with friends of mine who live in the States and share similar passions as myself.  Over the weekend, I went to the famed BeautyCon L.A. festival with my dear friend, Kelly Rowland, and her business partner, Sheika Daley.  BeautyCon L.A. is a large conference where influencers, celebrities, beauty professionals, and enthusiasts alike come together to celebrate all things beauty-related and fabulous!

Kelly and I made our rounds through the conference visiting various booths to meet reps and professionals from the wide array of brands on-site.  The QVC booth was one of our favorites as it housed a number of brands, influencers, and makeup artists, including Mally Roncal, founder of Mally Beauty.  The Lime Crime booth was the most popular as it was packed with the longest lines in the convention; but it made perfect sense because their unique packaging & product assortment for all skin types was perfection.  Carol’s Daughter was also exhibiting, and the scents to their haircare products were simply divine.  I can’t wait to use the full collection I got.  We finished up at the NYX Cosmetics booth to get a peek at their latest collections.  Their booth was setup for demonstration and “how to” stations to help teach new make-up artists the best trends in the beauty world, and it was very fun to watch people in their element.

Overall, this was a great event for beauty enthusiasts to learn about new products and beauty trends.  It was certainly great research for myself as I plan to venture into the realm of beauty in the near future.  Looking forward to sharing that with you soon!

 Love, Abi