I  recently attended a Mom’s forum, and it afforded me the opportunity to catch up with my good old friend, Amaka Bension.  Amaka is a keen cook who has always been fond of sharing recipes and weekly menu plans with family and friends on her blog, ‘Maky’s corner’.

I was super excited to receive a copy of her recipe book, ‘Micah’s Meals’.

From Finger food to fruit and vegetable meals, ‘Micah’s Meals’ contains quick and easy recipes for babies, toddlers and beyond.

This gives babies a happy, healthy start in life; allowing them enjoy yummy, healthy, homemade meals, lovingly prepared from the very beginnings. It also aids with transitioning from toddler to adult meals.

It’s been very nice making meals for my little ones, especially my 14-month old with the help of ‘Micah’s meals. I’ve successfully tried out a few of these recipes and my baby loved them…well most of them.

I’d share some of these recipes and some of my own tricks if you would like me to.

The best thing about the book ‘Micah’s meals’, is simply knowing that your baby is being fed with natural, healthy and tasty ingredients.

“Nothing compares to the joy and satisfaction of preparing your own homemade baby food from scratch. Best of all, it is made with love…” Amaka Benson.