Friday nights are so much fun in the beautiful city of Beirut. Yes, I made it a point of duty to explore the city’s night life and just unwind.
As always, a major part of it all, was putting my outfit together and getting dressed for each night out.
Thanks to my amazing friend and stylist Khalil Zein, I absolutely loved my looks.
Can you tell I’m presently obsessing over this bag with the custom artwork by Dricky Stickman? I can’t help working it into ever outfit these days…LOL
What do you think of this look and what do you have planned for the weekend? Please don’t hesitate to share.

It’s a little late but I thought I’d share with you what I wore on Children’s day. I was invited to the Nakenohs Children’s day celebration to read to the kids. A percentage of the proceeds from the event went towards Hospitals for Humanity, an NGO that operates on children with heart conditions. I was definitely excited to be involved in such a worthwhile cause.

My pants and heels are from my favourite brand – Gucci. I also have to mention that I have a T-shirt line coming out soon in case you missed out on my announcement on Instagram.

Stay blessed,


I thought I would share with you some pieces from my wardrobe I’ve been loving this month! Yellow is a colour that exudes positivity and energy. It’s definitely a favourite now that the rainy season is upon us.


Shirt & Pants: Gucci, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Céline


There are a lot of things I derive joy from doing and I can tell you that shopping for clothes for my 6 month old son tops the list. Am I the only one who can’t get over how cute baby clothes are!! It hurts though because they grow up so fast and out grow every single piece. It takes a lot of will power to stop myself from loading the cart when shopping for my little munchkin. 

This is my third child (hopefully last – LOL) and I can say that while shopping for him no matter how cute the outfit is I have to put safety and comfort first. Certain things should be taken into consideration like tiny buttons, hooks, snaps and appliques. I advice a routine check on the clothes and fasteners for loose items to avoid choking hazards.

Avoid loosely knitted clothes , sweaters , booties that might trap a baby’s fingers or toes, cut all dangling threads before your baby wears a garment or socks . When picking shoes it was recommended that the shoes of choice be flexible as it helps develop the foot’s arch and also shoes with traction on the bottom so your baby won’t slip easily.

Love, Abi.