Keeping my luggage as light as possible is my goal when I travel, sometimes I succeed other times its an epic fail. It also depends on the duration of the trip. It is very vital to pack all essentials at first without having to deal with excess baggage. I try to discipline myself by taking the most necessary and versatile items. I take a lot of separates so that i can mix and match for different looks. A white dress shirt because I can wear it with jeans or a skirt .

A black dress because you can never go wrong with black and I can wear it with flats in the day time and dress it up with heels at night time. My running shoes for exercising and if I decide to go on a hike. If I’m going to an exotic destination my bikini, hats and sandals are a must!

For my beauty regimen I ensure that my sunscreen isn’t left out , my lipstick, facial wash, and powder are also taken with me. A few accessories and my perfumes because ABI KD has to smell delightful.


Love, Abi.