Just the other day over drinks with a friend of mine, we were discussing the things she can’t do without in her kitchen. I’m not sure if she’d been asked the question before because she instantly rattled them off: Shito (a native Ghanaian sauce consisting mainly of grounded pepper and crayfish), fruit and fibre cereal, rotisserie chicken, fresh spinach, a dishwasher and so on.

This got me thinking that everyone’s probably got the same sort of list. So, I was inspired to consider my own ‘can’t-live-without’s which include:

1. My CHOPPING BOARDS. I have OCD so I always wanna cut and dice everything with precision.

2. This amazing SALAD DRESSING from Mary Berry. It’s soooo good. (Mary is the real deal) Thankfully I know the owner of ‘Grandex Supermarket’, Surulere (the only store with Mary Berry products in Lagos), she happens to be my Mother…Perks 😉

3. COOKIES and BISCUITS from Cartwright & Butler. 


5. I most definitely cannot be caught without my CRYSTAL glasses.

6. A good bottle of RED WINE…

7. ….and a whole lot of FRUITs and VEGETABLEs. (Is that more than 7? Fruits and Veggies are pretty much a 2 in 1 deal…lol)

What can’t you do without in your kitchen? I would love to know.

Love, Abi.