Recently, I attended a branding masterclass hosted by The BBCCompany. It was truly an enlightening experience with panelists such as Funke Buknor Obruthe, Kabir Shagaya and Nelly Agbogu. As the demands of the economy are ever changing and challenging, it is important that I take every available opportunity to better my brand Florence H. I had on a dress from one of my favourite Nigerian brands Odio Mimonet.


Outfit details – Bag (Hermes), Shoes (Aquazzura)

Never be complacent!




it’s been a fun couple of days out here in New York.

I haven’t been here in a while, and it feels great just visiting friends and eating at my favorite spots. 

I arrived a couple of days ago with my mum, who was speaking at a UN event. The event went well, and Mama certainly made me proud. 

Getting dress for this formal event was a walk in the park, as my stylist was on ground to help me look the part. 

Here’s what we came up with; Hope you like it. 

Makeup by Juicy Looks

Dress by Escada

Shoes by Aquazurra

Styled by Remi Fagbohun


I went on a short business (and some pleasure) break to London and even though the weather didn’t want me to be great, I “Abikd’d” myself through it all (Yes, I just used my name as a doing word ? )

I took the time out to take in some sights and spend time in some parts of London that I’ve never quite paid attention to. In trying to squeeze in some time to sight see in-between meetings, I had to find the right balance between professionalism and comfort. The challenge mainly came from the fact that I couldn’t possibly let my feet endure 24 hours of heels when there was so much WALKING to be done – a requirement when in London!! 

Beauty is pain but my health is more important . I always made sure to have a trusty pair of sneakers handy, to readily make the switch from day to night (vice versa) or  from corporate to casual. It’s no secret that I love me a good comfortable pair of sneakers and If I can work them into an outfit, count me in!

Lest we forget, I looooove my heels! WHO would refuse six inches of fabulousness 🙂

Thank heavens for  the beautiful location that is Alexandra Palace. Aside from the fact that you get a vast and beautiful view of London, it was such a serene environment that came with a whole lot of history. I definitely recommend it for an easy going, feet up-sun’s out- cold drinks outside- kinda day. 

Love, Abi.


Everyone has those items in their closet that they’re partial to; a week/ sometimes two cannot go by without the said piece or pieces making an appearance . They are usually stylishly comfortable pieces or pieces that compliment your personal taste, so you can’t help but give them the spotlight over and over again. 

I have a lot of clothes that I love but there are certainly a few pieces that become repetitive. Some of these items include :

– My Birkin . Not only is it a classic, it’s very utilitarian. I can throw everything I need in it. Literally everything!!
– My nude Aquazzura sandals because nude goes with every outfit.
– This black jacket from Jean Paul Gaultier which I loveeeeee!
– My Maison Michel hat because the Lagos sun won’t let me be great.?
– My Wedding Ring … I mean I don’t even take it off ever! 
– These Sunglasses from Dolce and Gabanna are my all time fave.
– Rochas has me hooked on these open toes.
– My love bracelets from Cartier… These don’t come off as well.. ever.

My gold Balmain choker neckpiece is just gorge.  My other all time Fave. (I have a lot of fav’s okay) *flicks weave*

Love, Abi  

TOP – BalenciagaJEANS – HudsonSHOES – Aquazzura BAG – Hermes

Believe it or not but my favorite go to look any day at any given time is a pair of jeans. I love my denim because I can dress up and dress down as I please. Today I have on this ripped denim jeans from Hudson, a white Balenciaga top with a pair of nude aquazzura shoes and my go to bag the Birkin.

It’s no longer headline news that I’m a sucker for beautiful shoes but one brand has got me all fired up of late!!! Aquazzura by Edgardo Osario. I loooooove his shoes, as you can tell I own quite a number of them . They’re super sexy, just the right height and the fringe & tassel details just work for me. Comfort is everything to me…. They are extremely comfortable and make a statement whether I’m dressed down in just a pair of jeans or fully dressed for an occasion.  I Love me some AQUAZZURA’S.