Back again with another Soleful Sunday. Today I’m featuring these stunning Giuseppe Zanotti suede sandals with crystal flowers! I love how these shoes make a subtle statement. They’re black sandals, so they go with anything; and these stunning floral crystal embellishments are everything and more. Perfect to elevate what could be a sombre look!

These and more are available at the Florence H Boutique!



For those that can’t help but stand out: these glitter-encrusted leather sandals are bold, irreverent and fun. The streamlined shape shows a sophisticated sensibility as well.

Its 3 inch heels and metallic tones make it a stylish & comfortable addition to any wardrobe.

You can shop these and other fabulous shoes at the Florence H Boutique.


Another look I’ve been loving this month is this exquisite piece from French fashion house ‘Rochas’. I love the aesthetic of the brand as it aims to make simple, understated yet elegant clothing. I paired it with a new favourite of mine, the Nile bracelet bag by Chloé. Be sure to leave a comment if you love this look!

Remember, simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.


I thought I would share with you some pieces from my wardrobe I’ve been loving this month! Yellow is a colour that exudes positivity and energy. It’s definitely a favourite now that the rainy season is upon us.


Shirt & Pants: Gucci, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Céline


Recently, I attended a branding masterclass hosted by The BBCCompany. It was truly an enlightening experience with panelists such as Funke Buknor Obruthe, Kabir Shagaya and Nelly Agbogu. As the demands of the economy are ever changing and challenging, it is important that I take every available opportunity to better my brand Florence H. I had on a dress from one of my favourite Nigerian brands Odio Mimonet.


Outfit details – Bag (Hermes), Shoes (Aquazzura)

Never be complacent!




Decided to share with you five budget friendly skincare tips with ingredients that could be in your kitchen right now.

  1. A Honey Face Mask: Raw honey, not the processed stuff, is a natural anti bacterial. It’s also a super quick way to get soft, beautiful skin. Once a week, try spreading about a tablespoon of raw honey on your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then use warm water to gently rinse it off and pat dry.
  2. A replenishing lip mask: This honey treatment isn’t reserved for the face. If you’ve got dry lips combine a teaspoon of coconut oil, honey, two table spoons of sugar and a dash of lemon juice in a small bowl. Apply the mixture with a toothbrush in a circular motion to your lips. Rinse off and follow with your favourite lip balm.
  3. Elbow and Knee exfoliator/brightener: Cut an orange in half and rub it on your elbows and knees. Not only does it help soften up the rough patches, it acts as a lightening agent. It also smells really good.
  4. Full Body Scrub: Mix a 2 to 1 ratio of olive oil and sea salt to make a quick body scrub. this helps get rid of dead skin cells revealing softer, glowing skin.
  5. An alternative scrub, ‘The Dry Brush’: Dry brushing is a simple exfoliation process that helps to stimulate a number of organs in your body. It helps the lymphatic system, tightens skin by promoting circulation, eliminates dead skin, and can even eliminate cellulite.

Bear in mind, these natural beauty tips are not quick fixes. You need to make sure you’re getting enough hours of sleep, eating well, drinking lots of water and exercising. Remember that you get out of your body what you put in, so be sure to take care of yourself.


Friday is a great day to switch up an outfit up from ‘Day’ to ‘Night’.

As always you can’t go wrong with the little black dress. A simple and casual black dress is perfect for the switch, as it can work both ways. 

For this look, the difference between night and day was just the lipstick. I opted for a nude shade by day, and went for the vampy look by night. 

Some days it’s as simple as wearing flats by day and rocking the ‘heels’ by night.

It’s Friday, let the weekend begin.








Nigeria’s Award winning haute couture designer, Odio Mimonet gets me all the time and that’s why I love her. 

Her ability to articulate my vision and style, transforming them into exotic designs is not just effortless, but simply mind blowing. 

The best part of working with her, is her attention to every single detail and more. She exceeds my expectations with every order, including the countless last minute ones. What’s not to love about Odio? 

Like it or not, I am a officially A self acclaimed Odio Mimonet Woman…(Wink)

Here are a few of my favorite Odio Mimonet outfits.


When in doubt, just throw on a black dress and get on with it. 

It helps if the dress is suave, comfortable and effortlessly chic like my Maki – Oh number.

I love it when a dress is playful yet elegant and stylish . This dress made me feel so girly and I just wanted to strut all night long.

I accessorized with gold sandals and I intended to match it with a gold purse.

Eventually I opted for a green purse with gold detail and I definitely preferred this combination. 




Home or away, one of my fun spots, is by the pool side. This is because my idea of great relaxation, always involves a good swim .

Swimming to me, is like a full body massage and very calming.  What’s even more soothing, is that drink by the poolside after long swim.

Some of the benefits of swimming include total body workout, engaging the joints, and toning the muscles. Yet it barely feels like excercise, because it’s on my own terms, at my pace and absolutely enjoyable.

What’s more? All you need is a swim suit, plus you don’t need to be a pro to get the work done. No special techniques, and a few laps gives you great results.

The very best thing about swimming, is that the kids love it too, and there is nothing better than hanging out with my babies in the pool.