Some weeks ago I took my kids to go spend time with their grand parents at our home in Ibadan during the school break and what a lovely time we had . One of the highlights was this amazing afternoon I spent with my first son KJ at Agodi park. Agodi park is a recreation centre in Ibadan , Oyo state. It’s very serene, covered in green and a beautiful place to relax and clear your head or picnic with the family. Asides the long walks we took and fun rides we had together it was a time to bond with my son and as a parent I cherish these moments so dearly .

We talked about everything and as usual he asked me a thousand and one questions that even got me thinking as well. Alone time with our kids are very necessary because you never know what’s going on in their minds and creating an avenue for them to share with you is key. We had the most wonderful time even though I couldn’t go on all the rides with him because I would embarrass him with my screaming. LOL Yes! I am afraid of heights especially when in motion so I just stood on the side and cheered on. As his number one cheer leader..

Love, Abi.