I’m thrilled to be in Los Angeles right now enjoying the beautiful weather and the many sites.  L.A. is one of my favorite places, and I’m definitely taking advantage of my stay here.  This week, I spent a day at The Village in Woodland Hills.  Let me just say that this gorgeous center was just what I needed to bask in the sun and relish the sites.

 I started out with a splendid lunch and sips of rosé wine at the Il Fornai Italian restaurant.  Then I strolled through The Village courtyards and appreciated the unique décor and pops of color throughout the center.  There were plenty of cute shops, of course, and I just had to make my way through the beautiful center and take it all in.  I think what I really liked about The Village was that it was designed so well for a lavish day out, yet still manages to be family friendly with decorated courtyards that are very inviting.

There’s so much more to explore in this vast city, and I can’t wait to share more!

Love, Abi

Some weeks ago I took my kids to go spend time with their grand parents at our home in Ibadan during the school break and what a lovely time we had . One of the highlights was this amazing afternoon I spent with my first son KJ at Agodi park. Agodi park is a recreation centre in Ibadan , Oyo state. It’s very serene, covered in green and a beautiful place to relax and clear your head or picnic with the family. Asides the long walks we took and fun rides we had together it was a time to bond with my son and as a parent I cherish these moments so dearly .

We talked about everything and as usual he asked me a thousand and one questions that even got me thinking as well. Alone time with our kids are very necessary because you never know what’s going on in their minds and creating an avenue for them to share with you is key. We had the most wonderful time even though I couldn’t go on all the rides with him because I would embarrass him with my screaming. LOL Yes! I am afraid of heights especially when in motion so I just stood on the side and cheered on. As his number one cheer leader..

Love, Abi.

Keeping my luggage as light as possible is my goal when I travel, sometimes I succeed other times its an epic fail. It also depends on the duration of the trip. It is very vital to pack all essentials at first without having to deal with excess baggage. I try to discipline myself by taking the most necessary and versatile items. I take a lot of separates so that i can mix and match for different looks. A white dress shirt because I can wear it with jeans or a skirt .

A black dress because you can never go wrong with black and I can wear it with flats in the day time and dress it up with heels at night time. My running shoes for exercising and if I decide to go on a hike. If I’m going to an exotic destination my bikini, hats and sandals are a must!

For my beauty regimen I ensure that my sunscreen isn’t left out , my lipstick, facial wash, and powder are also taken with me. A few accessories and my perfumes because ABI KD has to smell delightful.


Love, Abi.


I can’t wait to get away. Its been a grueling 5 months plus of not having to pack my bags and jet off some where. The countdown to the summer is officially on. Who knows I might not even wait till then. I have been having dreams of Greece.. Mykonos especially. Blue limpid waters, pristine beaches with pure white sand and endless happy hour cocktails. Yes, I have had these dreams, in the day time and at night. LOL

I love to travel. Its good for the soul. They say the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page. I think it’s necessary to escape from reality every once in a while. Who doesn’t want to lounge on a hammock and watch the sunset, or visit a museum elsewhere and just experience some sort of culture shock.. or just plain old shopping till you drop?

 Whether its my dads backyard in Ibadan or some Island on the Amalfi coast… I’m always ready for a get away.


Love, Abi.

Images from MykonosBlu resorts.

Images from MykonosBlu resorts.