Creating a strict diet plan is easy for me but sticking to it, is the real challenge . It doesn’t take too long before I get bored, and all the illicit cravings kick in.

A great trick that works for me, is having a little bit of everything. So rather than having to choose just veggies, proteins or salads, I incorporate a little bit of every thing into my daily menu.


A little portion of all these in my plate, always feels like a huge meal but it’s actually packed with more of the healthy stuff.

Who says I can’t have it all, when variety is the spice of life.

“You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once” Oprah Winfrey 



Give me that fancy gym gear, a firm sports bra, comfortable shoes and AbiKD will hit the ground running.

Interestingly, i was never a fan of this sport, but once i became determined to embrace healthy living, running became inevitable . 

Like most things in life, It started with walking , skipping , jogging and now I’m unstoppable . 

Apart from the fact that my behind is a lot less jiggly, running elevates my mind and lifts my spirit, plus i feel stronger as a mum and a wife. *winks.

Frankly, running keeps me sane, and a good run keeps my energy levels optimized the entire day. 

This is why i never hesitate to pop in the earphones, find my rythm, and just take it in my stride. 

Catch me if you can.


It’s the first day of November and the end of breast cancer awareness month. However, i’d like to implore that we all endeavor to support this noble cause, even beyond the month of October.

Sadly, every woman is at risk of getting cancer and ignoring this fact wont take us very far. With millions of women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a loved one or someone you know affected by breast cancer”. 

Whether you’re a sufferer or supporting one, it’s a very difficult journey which takes faith and courage to conquer.

Lets do the little we can; attend a charity ball, walk, run, donate or simply wear a pink ribbon for cancer; the goal is to create awareness and spread the word.

Early detection is key so understand your boobies and always look out for changes. There is no harm in getting checked. “A feel a day, might just keep the doctor away”.



There’s nothing sweeter than a box of decadent, gourmet chocolates made with the finest ingredients available.  For National Honey Month, I indulged in a flight of Gather Chocolate, created by Harbor Sweets.  The Gather Chocolate flight contained six individual honey-infused chocolates including a Pomegranate Molasses, Sour Cherry truffle, and a Coconut Cluster.  I absolutely loved all of them.  The hints of honey paired with the delicious dark chocolate was a splendid treat.

Beyond being incredibly pleasant to the taste, these treats are a mission-driven product that advocates the current plight of honeybees.  Harbor Sweets teamed up with the Pollinator Partnership to help bring awareness to the global Honeybee crisis.  You may or may not know, but Honeybees are dying out at alarming rates each year due to pesticides and parasites.  Typically, I associate this month with Fashion Week in New York and London, the September Issue of Vogue, etc., but now I can also help address issues like this one while enjoying a lavish sweet.  Save the bees.  Be a part of the solution.

I’m happy I can curb my craving while supporting a cause at the same time.  Stay connected with Harbor Sweets on Instagram, and to learn more about the Pollinator Partnership, click here.  As always, I love to hear from you, so let me know your thoughts on this wonderful treat or the Honeybee crisis.  You might get lucky and receive a gifted box of Gather Chocolates from me, compliments of Harbor Sweets!

Love, Abi

One common quality across women from all around the World is that we all have a tendency to carry a handbag.  Whether big, small, designer, off-price, it doesn’t even matter, a lady needs her essentials.  My day to day is often so different, so it’s hard to really say in one setting that the contents within my bag ever really stays the same.  I travel often and attend various business meetings, so I try to make sure I have the most important items with me.  On any random day, the assortment of items in my bag can change significantly.  Here’s an example of a bag I used for a day out running some personal errands. 

First off, I wore a vintage Dolce & Gabbana chocolate brown leather handbag with an embossed detailing.  If you know me, you know that I like the finer things in life, so of course I keep a pair of designer frames to protect me from the Sun.  In this case, it was a multi-colored pair of Prada sunglasses with the perfect tint in the lenses.  To keep my lips moisturized, I’ve recently started using Restoration Skincare‘s great Lip Cream made with all-natural ingredients.  I then pair it with a pop of color from my lipstick provided by Lime Crime, and some light powder foundation from Max Studio for quick touch-ups on the go.  I also love accessories, and sometimes I might want to have options.  I had two bracelets in my bag that I could wear interchangeably with my outfit that day:  one was a beautiful decorative bangle by Hermes and the second was a beaded gemstone bracelet from a wearable wellness brand I discovered while in L.A. called Awaken the Peace.  For peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra Vitamin C in your life, so I keep a pack of Emergen-C handy if necessary.  If I have some time to myself during a stroll, I might want to listen to music, so I go for a pair of limited edition MCM branded Beats by Dre headphones.  Lastly, I make sure to have a good notebook and pen available to write down different thoughts as they come to me.

Like I said, the assortment changes so quickly based on my fast-paced lifestyle, so who knows what might be in my bag next week or even tomorrow.  In any case, I’d love to hear what your daily bag essentials are.  Leave a comment below with some of your favorite items!  Hope to hear from you.

 Love Abi,

There’s a certain level of discipline needed to eat healthy.  I’ll admit that it can get difficult at times, as there are so many options for tasty foods that aren’t necessarily good for you.  However, don’t be fooled; with so much social focus on better living these days, there are just as many options to create delicious meals with healthier ingredients.  Lately, I’ve been conditioning my eating habits with portion controlled meals, and a balanced helping of proteins, greens, and grains.

While I was in Los Angeles, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chef Stuart O’Keefe to help me with healthier eating choices and how to make these foods more appetizing for me and my family.  Chef Stuart released a cook book this year called, The Quick Six Fix, where he outlines how to prepare delicious meals that only require six ingredients, six minutes of prep time, and six minutes of cleanup.  The assortment of meals is amazing, and I certainly learned a lot from him in the kitchen.

Make sure to check out his book for great recipes for you and your family.  

I want to encourage all of my followers to make a conscience effort to eat healthy and learn to balance your meals so that your wellness is a priority.  You’d be surprised at the quality of life you will begin to see when making healthier choices.

Love, Abi

My sister, Abimbola, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and if you ask me, that seems like the perfect gift seeing as how her own birthday came shortly after.  I have had an amazing time in L.A. with my family, and I’m a very proud auntie to my handsome new nephew, Murewa.  These are moments that are very special to me, so it is only natural for me to celebrate these events with my family in the best way possible.

For my sister’s birthday, we had a fabulous family day at Paradise Cove in Malibu Beach, California.  Our whole family was there, as well as our parents, and we all celebrated the blessing of life that we have.  My sister thoroughly enjoyed herself, and I’m glad that she was so happy.  I can’t describe how full my heart is to share these moments with you. 

XO, Abi

I’ve certainly done my fair share of shopping during my stay in Los Angeles.  There’s such a wide assortment of designers and décor throughout the city that it’s almost hard to resist.  I will say, however, that no other store has caught my eye as much as the Jonathan Adler store.  Jonathan Adler is my absolute favorite home furnishings designer, and it was such a delight to shop his modern luxury gifts for home. 

Jonathan Adler has managed to create a line of furniture and house-hold accessories that showcase a sleek and luxe environment.  The design aesthetic completely embodies my personal tastes.  It was the perfect stop to get some research and inspiration for my own home & lifestyle brand, AKD.  It is very likely that I’ll be traveling back home with a few pieces for my home and some items to accent my store, FLORENCE H.  We shall see what I decide to do.  Stay tuned!

Love, Abi

Sunday mornings are the best. There’s something so peaceful about them. In the early hours of this glorious day If I’m still not fast asleep I have an amazing breakfast in bed and then I spend the other half of the day on a good read, reply all pending emails, catching up with my family over the phone or great company with my hubby and Kids. (My Favourite part of the day)

The second highlight of the day is the breakfast believe it or not. I think an absolutely yummy breakfast is just the right kick any one needs to start the day.

Love, Abi.

Flowers are one of nature’s contributions to the beautification of our environment . With their different hues, shapes and sizes  they have the power to describe messages that words sometimes cannot and to enhance the surroundings in which they are placed. I love flowers a lot and I try my best to make sure they are present in my home. They have the power to transform the aesthetic of your living space. So I say every now and then, while you can try to invest in flowers to enhance your home. They bring about positive emotional feelings in those who enter a room and make the space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.

Love, Abi.