I love my daily workout sessions but sometimes it’s a real struggle getting out of bed. On days like this, I have to psyche myself into getting off my butt, and in order to aid my fitness regime and keep myself motivated,  I ensure that I have the following:

+ My Trainer: Knowing that my trainer is waiting outside is one of the quickest ways to jolt me out of bed. If he’s already here because of me, then I simply have no excuses.

+ Fitness Gear – It’s no news that I love to dress up. Believe it or not, the mere thought of pairing my gear for the day, with the right shoes, is enough reason to make me get up, get dressed, work out and take pictures(of course).

+ Fitness Menu: To avoid the monotony of exercising daily, I have a fitness menu with different activities for separate days. This gives me something new and exciting to look forward to; each day. 

+ Results: This is the very reason I exercise hence, my biggest motivation. The joy of healthy living, clothes that now fit better, and the endless compliments about how great this mum of three looks, makes it all worth my while.

These are the reasons I rarely miss my daily sessions.

What are your motivations? Do Share.


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