It’s the first day of November and the end of breast cancer awareness month. However, i’d like to implore that we all endeavor to support this noble cause, even beyond the month of October.

Sadly, every woman is at risk of getting cancer and ignoring this fact wont take us very far. With millions of women battling breast cancer today, everywhere you turn there is a loved one or someone you know affected by breast cancer”. 

Whether you’re a sufferer or supporting one, it’s a very difficult journey which takes faith and courage to conquer.

Lets do the little we can; attend a charity ball, walk, run, donate or simply wear a pink ribbon for cancer; the goal is to create awareness and spread the word.

Early detection is key so understand your boobies and always look out for changes. There is no harm in getting checked. “A feel a day, might just keep the doctor away”.



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