I was recently featured on the amazing website, WE-Rule.com, which is a platform dedicated to highlighting Women Entrepreneurs from all around the World.  WE Rule has taken an initiative to celebrate strong, entrepreneurial  women and allow them to tell their stories and experiences from the business world.  I was delighted to give them an interview about running my businesses and sharing my perspective on what it truly means to be a female entrepreneur.

Here’s a peek at the feature below, but for the complete interview, make sure to click the links at the bottom of this post.  It is so fufilling to be able to share these types of things with you.  Enjoy!

Love, Abi

I am Abisola Kola-Daisi, and I am the CEO of Florence H boutique, a luxury shoe and accessories store in Lagos, Nigeria.  My store is known to be the prime location in Lagos for some of the most sought after high-end fashion designers.  I am also a Luxury Lifestyle Influencer across a digital platform through my online blog, AbiKD.com and through my social media presence.  I curate content that evokes style, class, and culture through my travels across iconic cities.

Do you think you want to start other businesses in the future or do you want to keep growing this one as long as possible? What is the dream?

Yes, I absolutely plan to start other businesses.  As a matter of fact, I’m currently developing a home & lifestyle brand labeled, AKD.  I’m venturing into creating luxury candles, diffusers, home décor, and gifts that can elevate any environment.  The goal with my AKD Brand is to give my consumers a taste of luxury to any lifestyle.  The first category to be released will go under the moniker, AKD Glow!

What part of your personality helped you the most with your entrepreneurial journey?

My everyday attitude is all about knowing what I want and doing what is necessary to achieve my goals.  I don’t like to take NO for an answer, so I certainly find ways to make things work for me.  In business, especially as a woman, you have to be able to focus on your objectives and see them through any adversity you may endure. That’s a big part of who I am in general, and I think if it weren’t for that mentality, I wouldn’t have achieved half of the things I’m doing now.

Read the Full Interview by clicking below:

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