There’s a certain level of discipline needed to eat healthy.  I’ll admit that it can get difficult at times, as there are so many options for tasty foods that aren’t necessarily good for you.  However, don’t be fooled; with so much social focus on better living these days, there are just as many options to create delicious meals with healthier ingredients.  Lately, I’ve been conditioning my eating habits with portion controlled meals, and a balanced helping of proteins, greens, and grains.

While I was in Los Angeles, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chef Stuart O’Keefe to help me with healthier eating choices and how to make these foods more appetizing for me and my family.  Chef Stuart released a cook book this year called, The Quick Six Fix, where he outlines how to prepare delicious meals that only require six ingredients, six minutes of prep time, and six minutes of cleanup.  The assortment of meals is amazing, and I certainly learned a lot from him in the kitchen.

Make sure to check out his book for great recipes for you and your family.  

I want to encourage all of my followers to make a conscience effort to eat healthy and learn to balance your meals so that your wellness is a priority.  You’d be surprised at the quality of life you will begin to see when making healthier choices.

Love, Abi

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