In honour of the ‘Vogue 100: A Century of Style’ exhibition, which was organised by the National Portrait Gallery, London, in collaboration with British Vogue;  showcasing the remarkable range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue since it was founded in 1916.  I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite Vogue covers. I tried really hard to narrow them down (in no particular order) to 7. Enjoy!



Kate Moss is a British national treasure, she embodies the mere essence of British vogue itself. This type of list simply doesn’t make much sense without the QUEEN herself making an appearance. Such an omission could only amount to treason!

How GORGEOUS is this cover?! Can you say ICONIC? Every single face on this cover can hold her own. I have to say, the models from the 90s were very much SUPER in every sense of the word. There is definitely beauty in diversity.

Speaking of diversity, How much more British can a cover get?.. lol. I love the ‘easiness’ of this cover. Babies, melanin, bellies, hats, studs etc  

It’s so effortlessly awesome. A British statement indeed. 

Everything about this cover… EVERYTHING!!! Giselle.. those legs for days. No words. If those pants don’t give you life, you need to rethink everything. Those shoes!!! The colours, the balloons. ABI KD endorses this cover!

Something about this cover soothes my soul. The SOFTNESS of it all, from the hair to the dress , to the colours. You know Kate had to make a second appearance.

I too have dreams of sitting glamorously in a martini glass whilst looking effortlessly sexy and chic! Kylie is a queen in her own right (The photoshop is unnecessary). She’s been WORKING IT for a LONG time. Love those pins.

Another repeat offender, because Giselle is, was and always will be. She just is. The look in her eyes, her body form, everything about her. Belle!

These 7 made the cut, but trust that there are more covers that I adore, how could I not? its VOGUE!

What are your fav vogue covers or which out of these 7 do you like? 


Love Abi.



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