I went on a short business (and some pleasure) break to London and even though the weather didn’t want me to be great, I “Abikd’d” myself through it all (Yes, I just used my name as a doing word ? )

I took the time out to take in some sights and spend time in some parts of London that I’ve never quite paid attention to. In trying to squeeze in some time to sight see in-between meetings, I had to find the right balance between professionalism and comfort. The challenge mainly came from the fact that I couldn’t possibly let my feet endure 24 hours of heels when there was so much WALKING to be done – a requirement when in London!! 

Beauty is pain but my health is more important . I always made sure to have a trusty pair of sneakers handy, to readily make the switch from day to night (vice versa) or  from corporate to casual. It’s no secret that I love me a good comfortable pair of sneakers and If I can work them into an outfit, count me in!

Lest we forget, I looooove my heels! WHO would refuse six inches of fabulousness 🙂

Thank heavens for  the beautiful location that is Alexandra Palace. Aside from the fact that you get a vast and beautiful view of London, it was such a serene environment that came with a whole lot of history. I definitely recommend it for an easy going, feet up-sun’s out- cold drinks outside- kinda day. 

Love, Abi.


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